Evolving Supply List

Please note you do not need to run out and buy all these new supplies (unless, of course, you were hoping for an excuse and then by all means), this supply list is for your reference and to make information a bit easier (clickable images). Quite often you can make do with what you have or swap out one brand for another although it is always fun to experiment and play with different materials. Often on our journey its easy to think that if you just had the right this or that, or new and magical this or that, then your work will transform in some magical way. The most important thing is showing up to the practice of creating. The odd supply might be essential for one lesson here or there but if you have a general supply of basics you should be fine- improvise & experiment like an artist.

NB- this supply list will be continually updated as we go so remember to check back :)

Basic Supplies:

Here is a general list of supplies for general needs.

Gesso, white
Paints- A collection of colours
Inks- India ink, acrylic ink, alcohol inks
Adhesives- gel medium, modge podge, glue (one not all)
Drawing supplies- pencils, charcoal, crayons, pens, markers, Stabilo Aquarelle marking pencils, pastels

Ephemera- collaging papers
Found images and text, photos (personal), favourite quotes

Thread- some needles and thread to sew

white gesso
stabillo woody pencil - water soluble
white gel pen
heavy body titanium white paint
Caran D’ache Neo colors II neocolor II water soluable crayons

•   Golden Matte Medium (this is the only brand I have had any luck with for transfers)
•   Clear gesso
•   Golden Paint
•   Stabilio Marks All Black
•   Woody Stabilo
Alcohol ink or acrylic ink

Journal- space holder and keeper of the wisdom

We will be creating a journal to work in so some watercolour paper will be needed to make the journal. If you prefer, of course you can work in a ready made journal. We will cover this in the first month.

Paper Clay Lesson: Venus of Willendorf


    •    Airdry clay such as DAS, JOVI or another brand
    •    Plastic wrap and bag to store the clay when not in use
    •    A board to lay the clay on (optional)
    •    Clay tools, craft knife or other tools you can find around the house to cut, mark, emboss and mould the clay.
    •    A small bowl of water
    •    Acrylic paint or any type of paint you already have in your favourite colors
    •    Paintbrush and water jar

EcoPrinting Lesson:

  • Mordant- Jar of vinegar with a piece of metal soaking (don't worry- all will be explained).

  • Pre-conditioners (soy milk or dairy milk).

  • An old sheet or some fabric to dye

  • Water colour paper for journal

  • Pot to boil in (not to be used for food so raid your local op shop- I use an old deep baking tray that fits my paper size).

  • Some timber pieces to sandwich paper between.

  • Rocks and string

  • Botanical supplies foraged from nature.


Speedball Sketching Project Set - this looks pretty similar to mine
as does this: Artist Cartoon Pen Set, Dip Pen Set
Lamy Joy Pens and ink converters
De Atramentis Document Ink
Sennelier Ink
Daler-Rowney FW Liquid Acrylic Ink
Dr Phil Martins Ink White and set of colours & white
Alcohol Inks
Winsor & Newton  Calligraphy Ink- not water proof
Liquitex Professional Acrylic white

Some books I love related to the Sacred Feminine (none are compulsory reading but if any are calling you enjoy- click to see more):

Artists Visioning the Divine Feminine:


Optional Supplies:

My can't live without Masterson palette. Of course you don't "need" this palette but wow didn't it revolutionise my painting practice. I  hated wasting paint so would never put out enough or a child would demand attention and the paint would dry out, or the heat would get it. When I discovered this it made painting easier- I lay out a palette and it may last me a month!! I can paint for several hours with the moisture below keeping the paint fresh, or just for 5 mins without all the set up. As long as I remember to put the lid on when I get up it is perfect for me- no more paint wastage.